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Paloma Sanchez Palencia

Paloma Sanchez-Palencia was born in Brazil. She studied Fine Arts at University of Granada/Spain, sliding one year as exchange student at University of Ostrava/Czech Republic. g.a.d.o. is a duo of great artists doing ok, consisting of Paloma Sanchez-Palencia and Lena Skrabs. They met each other in the MFA program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University Weimar and are collaborating ever since. The duo is based in Berlin and elsewhere. The work of g.a.d.o. is saturated with obviousness, cliches and silly jokes. They are deeply interested in everydayness, in the extraordinary of the ordinary, in collections of all sorts, in presentations, organizations, situations, in the investigation of artistic, domestic and service systems. Work, leisure and the celebratory possibilities of the mundane are their main topics of research and practice. Their work englobes small and big gestures, fruit stickers, piñatas and always some sort of disappointment. In 2018 g.a.d.o. have been artists in residence at Leitrim Sculpture Centre/Ireland and PLATFORM in Vaasa/Finland. Together with Ina Weise and Melina von Gagern they are currently producing the Who Knows? Fortune Teller Hotline, funded by the Senate of Berlin. The project will be presented in public space throughout Kreuzberg by the end of the year. Moreover, Lena and Paloma are working on their first game publication by their independent publishing house g.a.d.o. Press.

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25 feb

[Sprint 2020] documenting commoning residencies

Every year, a sprint reflects on the past year of the organisation and defines questions and issues to be addressed in the future work. In a 4 days gathering the sprinters of 2020 will collectively work on strategies, tools and practices on the issue of documenting and communication.
1 okt

The residency as a commons

Tijdens het Onderhoud van oktober tot december 2019 stelden de Sprinters in Timelab hun eigen residentie in vraag.
28 sep

Prototyping a residency as a commons

6 artists will climb the ramp of De Schuur. They will stay in the neighbourhood and become maintainers of space, people, nature, relations, ..
19 jun

[intro week] Commoning Residencies

Een groep internationale kunstenaars herontwerpt het residentieprogramma als een commons
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