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Filip Berte

Architect and visual artist Filip Berte (°Ghent, 1976) is interested in exploring space in all of its dimensions. Liminality, migration and the concept of the border are some of the main themes characterizing his work. Also the notions of time and critical engagement form an integral part of the artist’s process oriented, inter-disciplinary art practice. From 2006-2013 Filip Berte worked on his own visual research project Eutopia which area of activity was Europe and which investigation took the form of building a house, in which every room reflected a different facet of the continent. With his current project Un-Home / Moving Stones (2015- ongoing) Filip Berte continues his critical creative practice, focusing on the mechanism of inclusion and exclusion of uninvited newcomers to our western societies. In 2011, Filip Berte won the East Flanders’ Visual Arts Prize for his multidisciplinary body of work. In 2016, with his project Un-Home / Moving Stones, Filip Berte was laureate of the TTT International Festival for Contemporary Drawing in Wrocław (PL). Filip Berte lives and works in Ghent. He holds a master degree in Architecture (LUCA School of Arts, Ghent). He also studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.

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15 apr

berte & harmey - NUL PUNT WOLK

Kunnen we heden en verleden plotten op een kaart?
25 feb

[Sprint 2020] documenting commoning residencies

Every year, a sprint reflects on the past year of the organisation and defines questions and issues to be addressed in the future work. In a 4 days gathering the sprinters of 2020 will collectively work on strategies, tools and practices on the issue of documenting and communication.
1 okt

The residency as a commons

Tijdens het Onderhoud van oktober tot december 2019 stelden de Sprinters in Timelab hun eigen residentie in vraag.
28 sep

Prototyping a residency as a commons

6 artists will climb the ramp of De Schuur. They will stay in the neighbourhood and become maintainers of space, people, nature, relations, ..
19 jun

[intro week] Commoning Residencies

Een groep internationale kunstenaars herontwerpt het residentieprogramma als een commons
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