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Gosie Vervloessem

As a performance artist, Gosie Vervloessem experiments with the laws of physics for domestic use. Her work focuses on observing natural phenomena and asking questions about it. Everything seems so logic, but what is the logic behind it? In 2014 the focus of Vervloessem’s work shifted to eating, digestion and indigestion. It resulted in lecture performances, open labs and an online magazine about slow processes, invisible friends and foes, about hygiene and control in the kitchen. How to relate to an unclassifiable world that is chaotic, unhygienic and messy? became the main topic in her work. Recently Vervloessem has been pushing the idea of the kitchen as a sanctuary and a playground for uninvited guests further. Her current research invites invasive alien species in a domestic setting. What are the values that underpin invasion ecologies, and how can they be applied or denied in baking an apple pie? www.recipesfordisaster.be

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1 okt

The residency as a commons

Tijdens het Onderhoud van oktober tot december 2019 stelden de Sprinters in Timelab hun eigen residentie in vraag.
19 jun

[intro week] Commoning Residencies

Een groep internationale kunstenaars herontwerpt het residentieprogramma als een commons
15 feb

[Sprint 2019] an AIR is not a service

1 jan


Former residents and people from Timelab’s broader artists network have gathered occasionally over the years. Since spring 2017, we invited them to take part in the yearly Sprint. We call them Sprinters.
1 jul

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In times of crisis artists take a stand
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