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maandag - vrijdag
2 - 6 nov

Workshopweek IV LUCA School of Arts

8:30 - 17:00

There is a lot going on about the scandalous amount of textile waist we produce. This workshop offers an alternative to upcycle this waist into attractive textile structures for multiple purpose. Participants learn how to turn the unpredictable waste fabrics trough manipulations (bonding and coating) into a leather-like raw material and use laser cutting to create contemporary textile objects. No sewing required, we use manual and digital techniques to achieve our goal. During the workshop, students experience the productive interaction between creating and prototyping. 

Don't forget to bring :

Laptop with vectoral drawing program, USB stick, drawing paper, pencil, cutting knife, glue, scotch tape, apron (or oversized old t-shirt) needed on Wednesday (bonding and coating fabrics). Bring your own lunch and snacks. There is an equipped kitchen you can use.

Program : 

Maandag: Intro + brainstormsession

Dinsdag: Sketching + maquette

Woensdag: Selection of fabrics

Donderdag: Prep.+ laser cutting

Vrijdag: Lasercutting + evaluation

Extra info

Participants need to have a good knowledge of vectoral digital drawing.( Illustrator, Corel Draw, Autocad )

8:30 - 17:00